It's critical that we join together with a unified voice in support of the redevelopment of this iconic building. The State of Rhode Island and City of Providence have much to lose if this property remains vacant. Fortunately, as much as there is to lose, there is so much more to gain by working together as a community to Save Superman. Join the list of supporters who are excited to see this project get underway and confident in the positive impacts it will have on the rest of the city and state.

Evan Granoff, Granoff Associates LLC

Historic renovation and reuse projects have been critical to making downtown Providence a vibrant place to live, work, and play. Unfortunately, the continued vacancy of the Superman Building threatens this renaissance. Properties like the Arcade and surrounding restaurants and shops will thrive if Superman is revitalized as much needed apartments, drawing hundreds of new residents to our downtown core.

We’ve come together before to find creative solutions to breathe new life into downtown’s historic structures. We must do the same to save the iconic Superman Building.

Brent RunyonProvidence Preservation Society

Vacant for yet another year, the unique and iconic Superman Building is sadly once again on our Most Endangered Properties List. As we discussed in our 2013-2014 Providence Symposium, “Building the New Urban Environment,” we’ve seen public-private partnerships and the use of historic tax credits and other incentives breathe new life into many of Providence’s historic and architecturally significant buildings. That is why the Providence Preservation Society strongly supports efforts to save and revitalize this gem of a building, which is so important to the vitality of downtown.

Arnold B. Chace Jr, Cornish Associates

The Superman Building, in the center of downtown, is well positioned to answer a need for additional housing, which is critical to attracting new businesses and retaining future generations.

Alden Anderson, CBRE New England

Since the Superman Building (111 Westminster Street) was vacated in 2013, CBRE has consistently maintained the importance of redeveloping and putting back into use this iconic downtown building. While many ideas have been considered, we remain consistent in supporting the most financially sustainable solution that can be accretive to the continued growth and vibrancy of the Downtown Providence market. With the likely need for public support to bring this important redevelopment project to fruition, it is critical that the process be transparent and based in the fundamental needs of the market which recent trends would tilt towards an adaptive reuse for residential.

Lucie Searle, AS220

Completed in 1928, on the eve of the Great Depression, the Industrial Trust Building was planned and built as the tallest building in New England, a distinction it retained for 20 years. At the time, only a handful of skyscrapers like this had been built anywhere in the country. What we have come to know affectionately as the Superman Building is an extraordinary 26 story specimen of Art Deco style architecture, sheathed in 210 carloads of Indiana limestone brought to Providence by train. But wait! This building is so much more than a well suited marriage of handsome building materials and eye catching design. It is a symbol of Providence at the height of its industrial and manufacturing prowess. It is a building that defines our skyline and it is a building that today--almost 100 years since its construction--provides a very special and enduring sense of place and authenticity to our city- state.  It is a building that is embedded in Rhode Island's DNA. 

Cliff Wood, Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy

With food trucks, farmers markets, cultural events, new walkways and public art we’ve made huge strides revitalizing Greater Kennedy Plaza as an active shared public space. While we’ve made great progress, our vision cannot be fully realized until we find a way to save the vacant Superman Building. Converting this iconic structure into apartments would draw hundreds of new residents to downtown, adding even more positive activity to Kennedy Plaza. It’s time to make this project happen as a key element of downtown Providence’s continued rebirth.

John Bowen, Johnson & Wales University

All of Rhode Island needs to rally together to do what it takes to save the Superman Building. This iconic building is known by many generations of Rhode Islanders, and it is our time to support and preserve this landmark.

Neil Steinberg, Rhode Island Foundation

Our offices sit directly across Kennedy Plaza from the 111 Westminster Street building, which is a key component to a vibrant and vital downtown Providence. At the Rhode Island Foundation we work with community partners every day to build a stronger state. That is why we support coming together as a community to find a reasonable and realistic solution to revitalize the Superman Building and move our capital city and state forward in a positive and constructive way.

Laurie White, President, Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce

A dynamic downtown Providence is a critical piece of presenting an attractive value proposition for companies looking to do business or relocate in Rhode Island. We must explore forward-thinking solutions to bring the Superman Building back to life and to continue to reenergize downtown. Revitalization of such an iconic building would be a powerful symbol of the state’s emergence from the shadows of the Great Recession and of our collective efforts to build a prosperous and vibrant Rhode Island.” – Laurie White, President, Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce.

Michael F. Sabitoni, Rhode Island Building & Construction Trades Council

Saving the Superman Building is a project that simply has to happen. We know that public-private partnerships can breathe new life into Providence’s grand historic structures because that’s exactly what our members are working on right now at the South Street Landing project.

We can do the same for Superman, a project that would put hundreds of our skilled trades members to work for two years and generate more than $40 million in wages.

Cranes in the sky, putting people back to work, and revitalizing our iconic buildings.  That’s what public-private partnerships can do, and that’s why the Rhode Island Building & Construction Trades Council strongly supports efforts to save our iconic Superman Building.

Daniel A. Baudouin, The Providence Foundation

One of the most important and treasured icons in Rhode Island, the Superman Building, has been vacant for far too long.  The building presents a unique opportunity to advance the economic development and housing goals of the state and the creation of the exciting Innovation and Design District, all as identified in recent state studies.  The Providence Foundation believes that “Saving Superman” is an essential endeavor and we are committed to working with public and private partners to take full advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

Russell Carey, Brown University

111 Westminster Street is an iconic part of the downtown landscape and its revitalization is critical to bringing more life and activity to the area. Brown University has over 2,000 people and has invested over $200 million in downtown and is a key partner in the South Street Landing project to renovate the former power station in the Jewelry District. Projects of this scope require collaboration, commitment and a long term perspective that believes the future of the City of Providence requires a vibrant and active downtown.

Melissa Withers, Betaspring

Many of the entrepreneurs we work with in Providence want to live downtown, but there just isn't enough housing supply.  Buildings may shape the skyline, but people are what bring a city to life. That’s why we support efforts to revitalize the Superman Building. Imagine Providence's most iconic structure transformed and reborn—what a powerful message that would send to the world about the future of Providence as a place to live, work, and play.

Jack Silva, Rhode Island School of Design

With a campus footprint that expands from College Hill through downtown to the new Innovation and Design District, Rhode Island School of Design shares the community’s desire to further revitalize our city’s urban landscape. We have been pleased to contribute to the renewal of downtown Providence through adding 15 Westminster and the CIT/Fletcher complex on Weybosset Street to our campus. The restoration of 111 Westminster can play a critical role in advancing the economic development of our city and transitioning Kennedy Plaza from an everyday transit hub into a vibrant destination for arts and culture.

Douglas Kallfelz, Union Studio Architecture & Community Design

As a downcity business owner, the Superman building represents the next logical step in the revitalization of downcity that has been under way for many years. Not only is the ‘Superman’ Building iconic to Providence’s skyline, it also provides a valuable redevelopment opportunity. Downtown Providence needs more housing options. With more density comes increased economic opportunity for local businesses and a broadened tax base…not to mention the vibrancy created by more people on downtown streets.

Pat Moran, Downtown Providence Parks Conservancy

This is a wonderful idea, let’s get the state, city, public, private partners, everyone to focus on this most important building, the iconic image of Providence and the state, it's depressing to see it sitting in the dark... We need to revitalize it have it be a beacon of light, hope and prosperity for Rhode Island!

Let's make it a top priority!!

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